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Afternoon outing to “Slottet”

On the first weekend here in Norway for Kaelyn, Alex and Jane we did a short little outing to the Royal Castle in Oslo to pass some time in the afternoon and to get some fresh air too. Here we are posing in front of “Slottet” (as we call it in Norwegian) and we were even allowed to get a photo with the guard (Gardist). Very exciting!

Photo done, though we were told to stand on the gravel while he (the guard could be on the bricks) and we all had to stand on one side of him (guess he was afraid of Alex and Kaelyn attacking from each side)… Following this it was straight indoor to a deli just off Karl Johan (main street in Oslo) and we got some hot chocolate (a coffee for the daddy) and some cakes and yummies for all!

A little bit cold, but not too bad (even for the immigrants from England)!

Getting legal…..

How hard should it be? Married for 8 years, 2 kids who are 6 and 3, citizens of Great Britain and married to a Norwegian. Immigrating to Norway should be a doodle and a simple formality! Right?

Before Jane and kids arrived I hpad a chat with Folkeregisteret og Skatt Øst (this is where you get your National Insurance number and the tax office). Was told just to bring them with me together with necessary documentation (passports, marriage certificate, birth certificates). Also had a check on the website, but nothing more there….

Turned up at their office and was quickly shot down in flames by a grumpy and not very service minded bureaucrat manning the desk! Fair enough, late Friday afternoon and she was probably thinking abhome more fun things than helping us through the process. She did not appreciate my views about lack of and wrong info on their website either….

Got a piece of paper with a website address and was told to register. We, of course, went home and did as told. We registered Jane and chose a date for her to meet the Police to get registered. Website said nothing and did not ask about kids though…. Hence we called when office opened that Monday. Oh yes, kids (even if 3 and 6) needs to be registered separately and appointments made. Problem; no more appointments available same day as first appointment for Jane, so now we will travel back and forth to the police station… What makes it even worse is that it takes over 3 weeks to get one….

One thing is the delay it is all causing. Another thing is the frustration accused due to missing/wrong information. The worst however is the complete lack of service combined with the lack of empathy and smiles…. Not a reason to be proud of being Norwegian!

Greetings from Norway!

Well…. It has been just about been 4 weeks since I went over to Norway and started in the new job. Strange to be back in Norway, but a good strange! Just don’t get me started about the prices! Family ticket for us to get into the local pool? 400 Norwegian krone, or just about 35 UK pounds…. Nice pool though! Guess we will have to get a annual pass for that one. Just walking distance from the house too!

First snow fall has been (and gone). Had hoped to have an all white countryside to present to Kaelyn and Alex when they arrive tomorrow. But not to worry too much, I am sure we will get to have plenty of snow in the near future! Plenty and plenty!

So, the little ones and the Mrs is all arriving tomorrow. All our belongings are arriving 3 days later. Meeting them all at the airport in the afternoon tomorrow. To say that I am looking forward to see them all again is an understatement.

Picture is of the Opera House in Oslo. A new build that has been built in the years I have been away. Quite a few changes done in Oslo since 1997. Will have to do some serious exploring once we are all acclimatised to the Norwegian conditions…

Going, going…..

Going, going…..

15 years after leaving Norway and 12 years after arriving in the UK it is time to return to Norway…. I am flying over tomorrow and the rest of the Danielsen’s are arriving in 3 weeks time! Should be some fun stories to follow about my re-entry and Jane, Kaelyn and Alex’ introduction into “The Norwegian Way” and culture……