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From Kaelyn

My name is Kaelyn. I have a mummy and a daddy and a little brother. I am five  years old and I have a cat, but he died.

A little story Kaelyn wrote down into her little note book. There is lots of writing and drawing going on these days. She can ask over and over again how to spell this and  how to spell that. Then there is Daddy’s iPad, another writing tool that she loves using. She also writes little stories about princesses and other things.

Now she is really looking forward to starting in Kindergarden next Monday!

Alex is, well, Alex… A real monkey!

Hello, I am Alex!

If you don’t know me, you might just think I am the best looking little boy in the world and that I must be extremely well behaved…

Sorry to let you down, but I am a little monkey! I like to climb on the furniture and jump down (the higher the better, daddy will normally catch me anyway!). I like to play with my big sister (it does often end in tears, some times mine and sometimes hers…. But we do have lots of fun!). I can eat and eat and eat (I am a growing boy you know). I am getting very good with the football though! Keep an eye out for the latest footie movie that Daddy made the other day!

I am a Monkey, but a very adorable and good looking little Monkey!