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Winter fun…


Weather is a bit unreliable here in Norway as well… There has been a little bit snow, but mostly there has been a little bit snow, a little bit cold, a little bit warm and a little bit rain… That does not give much snow! Hopefully soon though!

After a relaxing morning, we did venture out in the snow for a walk and a bit of fun in the (little) snow (we have)!

Luckily we don’t need much snow for K+A to have some serious fun. We also brought with us hot dogs and yummies, so the tummies were looked after as well…

After a bit of fun, we then headed home. With a roaring fire, we then had hot chocolate with marshmallows and waffles… Yum! Hopefully the cold weather means we burn a lot of energy and burn up these treats extra fast!

Summer days at Lillehammer!

A day out….

There is such a thing you know! Summer, in Norway! It might not be here every day in through the months of June, July and August… but it does come out once in a while! Then we just have to make the most of it!

Lillehammer offers so much for us to do and explore as a family. We have done a lot, but still much to do! Kids love daddy’s work! Well, maybe not ‘the work’, more the fact that they have access to Hunderfossen and all the rides and the fun stuff available for kids (at all ages)! They are also starting to get into the Troll’s and the many stories about them…

Still not all living up here, but soon the movers will arrive and then the whole family will be here. All in time for kindergarten and school start!

The 3 top pictures are all from Barnas Gård at Hunderfossen. The Peacock was showing off, Alex as well (hands full of ice cream) and the poor rabbits will not have any fur left by the end of summer judging the intensity of loves and petting by Kaelyn and the other kids holding and loving the little fluffy animals. The last picture is taken at the top of Hafjell with “the running man” (created for the Olympics in 94) in the background.