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Work hard, Play hard….

It is long days for a 4-year old these days, and it is getting even worse later this year! Currently she has a couple of full days per week in nursery with her friends (+ one 1/2 day as well every week). In September though she is starting school and then it will be 5 full days for her!

Last year when we first moved here we didn’t get very far on this particular challenge at the Adventure Playground before we had to retreat. This year, no hesitation (from her side, the Daddy does his best to keep up)!

Work hard, play hard, it is all in a days work when you are 4!

Easter Sunday in the Park

The day started with an Easter Egg Hunt at home, both Kaelyn and Alex did very well and ended up with quite a collection. Kaelyn was also very good in sharing the loot with her little brother, rather than taking it all herself.

We then continued up to the hotel, met the Easter Bunny and did another Easter Egg Hunt. Another good loot secured, we headed home.

Afternoon spent in the park. Firstly we had a nice picnic, then we played and played and played and played…

Chocolates helped; every time energy levels dipped, we took out some of the loot!