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From their Norwegian ‘Farfar’ they got these for Xmas. Many trips down the hill has been completed. Mummy and Daddy also have to contribute to the fun sometimes (especially when a bit tired from the playing) by pulling them up the hill again….

What Norwegians do….

In Norway Jane have discovered an interesting fact about the Norwegians and Xmas…. In the shopping centers there are stands were the shops have put out wrapping paper and ribbon. We Norwegians then just come and help ourselves to meters after meters of it, not wrapping any presents, just taking it with us… Scrap the business idea of opening up a wrapping paper shop!

Julen, julen, julen den er her….

Xmas is here, if there was any doubt! Last Saturday the Xmas lights were turned on in Asker. I had (of course) totally not connected the fact that it was the first weekend of advent and that Xmas lights needs a ceremony to be switched on…. Luckily we just arrived back from Oslo and got a little bit of a taste of the festivities!

Is EEA still alive and well in Norway?

What the EEA (EØS) agreement would give the 3 nations in EFTA and the EU was a set up guaranteeing free flow of four things; products, services, money and people (labour). This was signed into law back in 1994, would believe it was common knowledge by now then…

Big is my surprise today that although my wife is a British citizen could not go through the process of registering with the immigration here in Norway because I did not bring proof that I had resided in the UK with her. What does that have to do with it? Surely as a British citizen no questions should be asked about her right to be in this country, other than checking her passport?

So, after waiting for almost 4 weeks for a 15 minute meeting with immigration, we were turned around without getting anything done. At the same time we were told, opposite to what we were told 4 weeks ago by Folkeregisteret in Bærum, our kids do not have to go through this since I am Norwegian. We should have been able to just get this sorted by showing the birth certificates and my passport.

Every single turn in the process of getting my wife and the kids legal and registered and issued with a “person nummer” (national identification number) have been full of wrong information or complete lack of information. Today when I pointed this out to the immigration official it was said that it was “too much information”… Let me decide what is too much, rather than wasting my time and energy to run around various offices to get this sorted.

I have a few foreigners working for me in the business I work for here in Oslo. They are enjoying the fact that I am given the same, bad experience that they had when they (as EU citizens) tried to get their paperwork sorted.

Infuriating, embarrassing, mind-boggling, disappointing…

One month done!

Yep, time is flying when you are having fun. We have now spent one month in Norway as a family. Lots done, still lots to do…. Many boxes have been emptied, still a few left! Some rooms are complete, or almost complete, while others need some more work! We have done some sightseeing, we have visited the local library, we have used our local swimming pool. Might just go to our first Xmas market here in Oslo tomorrow. That should be good fun. Just need to wrap up t hough. Getting a bit cold. We have bought some big clothing for Kaelyn and Alex (snowsuits, winter jackets, winter shoes, winter wellies), but there is still more needed! New corner sofa for our tv-room bought and delivered. It was just the right size. For onze the daddy got the measurements right…. Today, finally, the daddy also managed to hook up the Wii and get a picture. Up until now we have only had sound.

Kaelyn is starting in her new pre-school (kindergarden) on Monday, so that will be an experience for her (and the mummy). Technically they did not have any available spaces there, but a very nice manager did manage to convince her bosses that Kaelyn should get a place to help her develop Norwegian skills ahead of school start next year. Yey!

Getting a little bit cold now, only around -3 or so…. A few years ago when we visited here in Asker, we had -17… We are expecting colder weather in other words. Not any snow yet, to the disappointment to all the new Norwegians. Daddy keeps on promising!