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The world is his oyster…

photo by J+B=Us.

When you are 3 1/2 and you get a surprise pressie that turns out to be your first Big Boys Bike… The world must just feel like the best place and you are probably pretty sure that Freedom has arrived!

Alex got his bike on Saturday, and was looking very happy and quite smug after he got the pedals going. Obviously, the Big Sister was there to show how it was supposed to be done and showing off on her bike (without stabilizers…)!

This time of year is also a fantastic time for all kids. Mud all around and puddle galore! Both Alex and Kaelyn goes through a endless number of clothes every day, resulting in mountains of washing to work our way through…

Back to the bike though, how about a video of the very pleased boy, showing off his skills… A little boy that thinks the world is a great place to be and is very happy with his first set of wheels… Ah, come on. You know you want it….

Since you asked so nicely, here is Alex rolling away on his bike for the first time!