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A clever girl!

Who is the clever one? 43 out of 43 on the sight word test! Must have it from the Mother’s side… (I could hear all of you say it anyway, so I might as well beat you to it!). Kaelyn enjoys the reading and the writing that she is learning at school at the moment.

And Kaelyn have found this new skill to be very useful too! The ultimate use is of course the possibility to now write to Father Christmas! The other day when I got home from work I found this letter in the snug on the sofa. Not only had she written the letter, but Kaelyn was a really good girl that day as well; she had added her little brothers name to the letter as well! Father Christmas will be well impressed, I am sure. He will probably get a few more letters between now and December as well….

It is not only the Daddy that is well impressed with this new skills level displayed! For the second time she came home, very proudly, displaying the Headteacher’s Award on her shirt. Well done Kaelyn!

Easter is over!

Our two little delights are growing up fast. There are times when peace reigns and all is well. Kaelyn shares and looks after her little brother who listens and does exactly as the big sister commands…

Then there are times when the two parties needs the UN to come in and negotiate peace following major fall outs and disagreements. UN does not arrive on the scene, however, Mummy does and most times it all gets sorted out fairly efficiently….

Easter is behind us, still some chocolate left due to an over eager Easter Bunny wanting to impress the little ones. Yesterday the whole day was spent with Daddy and Colchester Zoo was the destination, followed by some running around in the Arena at work and then McDonald’s for dinner. Today we have been at home all day. No major fights, a couple of smaller bumps and bruises (as expected with a 2 1/2 year old in the house….) The trampoline has been actively used while the garden got a little bit attention from the grown ups.

Normality returns from tomorrow, with school, Under 5’s and what have you… Before we know it, summer will be here….

Happy Easter

Easter is just about as big as Christmas is in our little house! Pressies at one and Chocolates at the other. Both firm favorites with our little two.

This Easter Sunday we had our 4th Easter Egg Hunt, first one in Essex, and the first one where Alex is old enough to get into it for full.

Also the first one where the Chief Egg Hunter is old enough to share equally (ish) with the Second Egg Hunter and they did end up with the same amount of loot in the end.

Sugar rush followed quickly there after! Happy Easter!