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Village Fete

A busy couple of days in the Danielsen house hold!

Once back from Andre and Hannah’s big day we headed straight out to the Village Fete.

It was a truly special day yesterday. The Bride and Groom looked fantastic and the day was perfect from start to finish (even with a little bit rain as we arrived at Hannah’s family home for the reception). Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Brown!

The Village Fete gave K&A the excuse to continue to indulge themselves with a sugar filled diet. Kaelyn was especially impressed by the Candy Floss! Busy day at the Fete, lots to do, lots to see, lots to try.

Picture of balloon lottery. Hopefully our balloon will go the furthest so we can win the prize!

Another day, another outing!

Today we headed out for a small outing in the late morning. Didn’t want to go too far away since we had tennis to watch later in the day (go Rafa!) from Wimbledon. So destination was chosen to be the Stone Circle at Avebury.

Alex was grumpy, Kaelyn was her usual self, looking for ways to irritate/torture/play with her brother.

The little ones were more interested in the sheep grazing in the fields around and next to the stone circle…. Who can blame them really….?

Back home, Alex had a sleep (less grumpy), Kaelyn got to do some arts and crafts, Mummy and Daddy watching tennis. In a bit we will do the BBQ in the garden.

Happy Sunday!