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Hello, I am Alex!

If you don’t know me, you might just think I am the best looking little boy in the world and that I must be extremely well behaved…

Sorry to let you down, but I am a little monkey! I like to climb on the furniture and jump down (the higher the better, daddy will normally catch me anyway!). I like to play with my big sister (it does often end in tears, some times mine and sometimes hers…. But we do have lots of fun!). I can eat and eat and eat (I am a growing boy you know). I am getting very good with the football though! Keep an eye out for the latest footie movie that Daddy made the other day!

I am a Monkey, but a very adorable and good looking little Monkey!

Outing to Silbury Hill

The Daddy said: It will not rain, why don’t we do an outing to Silbury Hill?

The Mummy asked: Are you sure? I’ve just put the washing out!

The Daddy said (full of confidence): Not to worry, (Norwegian weather forecast) says there will be no rain in our area today!

Of course it rained on us! Nice outing anyway, and Kaelyn did some fantastic walking (and she took a great photo of Mummy, Daddy and Alex), Alex did not do that much walking, but enjoyed being in the backpack that Daddy carried.

We didn’t get too wet though! Washing did though….

Happy Daddy’s Day!

Woken up with coffee and cards in bed by my little ones. One card was also home made. Fantastic and cute. Should really get it uploaded (will do tomorrow).

Breakfast, then off to Wyvern Theatre to watch “The Tiger Who Came to Tea” with Kaelyn. Don’t think that Alex is able to sit still for 55 minutes yet, so he want with Mummy to do some shopping instead.

Rest of the day was spent moseying around at home, playing and organizing a few things in our house.

Great way to spend a Sunday and Fathers Day!

A day out!

Saturday was spent at Cotswold Wildlife Park just outside Burford. What a great time we had! Alex’ eyes just got bigger and bigger when we saw the various animals. Red Panda, Rhino, Camel, Oestrich, Emu, Lion, Tortoise, Penguin, Zebra, Cow (? not quite sure about the last one, but it was there! Maybe some internal program in raising their own big cat food?).

Other than all the animals and the birds we saw, there was also the train ride, the playground, the round-and-round, the food, the ice cream and the smiles and laughter…

In the end we ran out of time, so we are now looking at when we can get back to do it all again (and probably run out of time again).

Fab place!