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Kids are sleeping, hence we can be super-effective and get things done and ready for tomorrow…..

  • Bags packed (done)
  • Toys organized in coming/staying (done)
  • Food sorted (done)
  • House keys with neighbor (done)
  • Cat food and cat litter (done)
  • Petrol for car (to be done later)
  • Tell the cat we are going (to be done later)

We are ready for a weeks holiday at Bluestone in Wales! Yey! A week of family fun….

Puddles, puddles… I love puddles!

Just as the sister, Alex is definitively enjoying splashing around in puddles. The other day, not caught on camera, he even did with his face down…. Big, bloody lip was the result. Some tears, but the scars has been carried with great pride from our 1 1/2 year old….

Started potty training too….. After a few minutes, without result, on the potty before bath-time every night he creates plenty of giggles and delights the big sister by proudly standing up in the bathtub and “tinkling” away! Little bugger, ah bless!

Holiday coming up, heading to Bluestone for a week of self catering, family activities at the end of this month. Looking forward to the break, although we are coming to the realization that having two little ones doesn’t really allow for a break…..