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Ice-cream and Smarties….

There are personality bits from the parents that can be recognized in Kaelyn more and more for each day….

One of Daddy’s little quirks must be the sweet-tooth! And it seems like Kaelyn has got it too…. Although we try to control it, and we do brush the teeth twice a day! But where is the harm in an occasional little sweetie?

Coming out from B&Q the other day, the sun were shining and the ice-cream van was just right there… Ice-cream for everyone!! Got a “full size” ice-cream for Kaelyn too, plan was that I would have to finish it off for her… Surprise, surprise…. the greedy little Princess finished it off!

But her clear favorite is Smarties… Chocolate in different colors! Can’t go wrong with that, and she loves it! Only 4 at the time though….

Here she is sending you her royal wave with her bestest wellies and matching sunnies!


Spring time

We have left winter and moved into spring! Weather changes daily, but in general it have been some great weather in this part of the world in the last few week! Spring has certainly arrived, and the daffodils are just about everywhere!

Went down to Cardiff Bay today for the first time for weeks and weeks. The merry-go-round was there, and we had two rides on it… Wonder how many rides there will be over the coming months!

Although enjoying Wales, our welsh language skills are still at a desperate low level…. Ben (for example) still can’t pronounce our street name….