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Afternoon outing to “Slottet”

On the first weekend here in Norway for Kaelyn, Alex and Jane we did a short little outing to the Royal Castle in Oslo to pass some time in the afternoon and to get some fresh air too. Here we are posing in front of “Slottet” (as we call it in Norwegian) and we were even allowed to get a photo with the guard (Gardist). Very exciting!

Photo done, though we were told to stand on the gravel while he (the guard could be on the bricks) and we all had to stand on one side of him (guess he was afraid of Alex and Kaelyn attacking from each side)… Following this it was straight indoor to a deli just off Karl Johan (main street in Oslo) and we got some hot chocolate (a coffee for the daddy) and some cakes and yummies for all!

A little bit cold, but not too bad (even for the immigrants from England)!

A little outing!

Library cards was needed and a family outing was completed today and all of us were issued with new cards quicker than we could say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (guess what movie we are watching these days……

And the library in Asker had a fantastic kids section too! Did not get to see anything else in the library today though….. Staff was great to in making sure we knew what was happening and what they are doing for families? Well done!

A birthday outing….

It was Mummy’s birthday today, so the day started with Daddy, Kaelyn and Alex getting up very quietly (Mummy heard us anyway) so she could have a tiny little bit of a sleep in.

 After an hour of cartoons and playing, we then gather up the pressies and cards, made a cup of tea and ventured up stairs to wake up Mummy with a little bit of “Happy Birthday to You”!

This was followed by some hectic opening of cards and gifts, before a yummy breakfast and a rush to get dressed. The reason for the rush was that we were  heading for Easton Farm Park in Suffolk, for an outing and picnic and play! We also did get to do some horseback riding. This time with a real horse and not Daddy. Strangely enough, the real horsie was just as wobbly as Daddy!

There was also an outdoor playing area, and an indoor soft play area, we could ride on tractors and we could play with “air guns” (only shooting soft balls on each other and it didn’t hurt, so it was good fun) and we could of course get to pet some animals too! We also had a great picnic lunch with lots of yummies, and we had cake as well!

We didn’t mind going to the farm with Mummy, after all it was her birthday and it was great for her to have some fun too…… Love you Mummy!

Busy, busy, busy!

It has been a hectic couple of weekends for us all. Even with rain most days (it was so much rain that a new bridge had to be built at Daddy’s work!) we have been out and about!

Last weekend we went to Southend-on-Sea to visit some friends. We walked all the way out on the 1.33 mile long pier. Windy and a bit cold, luckily we took the train back!

We also managed to get to Colchester Zoo as well as going to Southend!

Mostly we played in the soft play area due to the rain. We did also have a picnic outside at the Zoo. This is our 5th visit to the Zoo, so we are starting to find our way around it. This time we met this little fellow who was very curious about who was visiting.

This weekend we have mostly done gardening… Boring gardening! But after weeks of rain, it was a bit of a jungle out there! After hours and hours of working, we could see the results though! We could even see some flowers!

Even with all the gardening, we did have time to do some jumping on the trampoline, and we also got to the park for a play!

Busy, busy, busy! No wonder the parents are exhausted by the end of the day…. Some va-va-voom would be very much welcomed!

Another day, another outing!

Today we headed out for a small outing in the late morning. Didn’t want to go too far away since we had tennis to watch later in the day (go Rafa!) from Wimbledon. So destination was chosen to be the Stone Circle at Avebury.

Alex was grumpy, Kaelyn was her usual self, looking for ways to irritate/torture/play with her brother.

The little ones were more interested in the sheep grazing in the fields around and next to the stone circle…. Who can blame them really….?

Back home, Alex had a sleep (less grumpy), Kaelyn got to do some arts and crafts, Mummy and Daddy watching tennis. In a bit we will do the BBQ in the garden.

Happy Sunday!

Outing to Silbury Hill

The Daddy said: It will not rain, why don’t we do an outing to Silbury Hill?

The Mummy asked: Are you sure? I’ve just put the washing out!

The Daddy said (full of confidence): Not to worry, (Norwegian weather forecast) says there will be no rain in our area today!

Of course it rained on us! Nice outing anyway, and Kaelyn did some fantastic walking (and she took a great photo of Mummy, Daddy and Alex), Alex did not do that much walking, but enjoyed being in the backpack that Daddy carried.

We didn’t get too wet though! Washing did though….

A day out!

Saturday was spent at Cotswold Wildlife Park just outside Burford. What a great time we had! Alex’ eyes just got bigger and bigger when we saw the various animals. Red Panda, Rhino, Camel, Oestrich, Emu, Lion, Tortoise, Penguin, Zebra, Cow (? not quite sure about the last one, but it was there! Maybe some internal program in raising their own big cat food?).

Other than all the animals and the birds we saw, there was also the train ride, the playground, the round-and-round, the food, the ice cream and the smiles and laughter…

In the end we ran out of time, so we are now looking at when we can get back to do it all again (and probably run out of time again).

Fab place!

Work hard, Play hard….

It is long days for a 4-year old these days, and it is getting even worse later this year! Currently she has a couple of full days per week in nursery with her friends (+ one 1/2 day as well every week). In September though she is starting school and then it will be 5 full days for her!

Last year when we first moved here we didn’t get very far on this particular challenge at the Adventure Playground before we had to retreat. This year, no hesitation (from her side, the Daddy does his best to keep up)!

Work hard, play hard, it is all in a days work when you are 4!