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Time warp… or something!

Don’t know what happened there, but suddenly it was 2014, date is August 2nd, and it has been months and months since our last post! Winter came (eventually) and went, life settled down for us here in Lillehammer and kids are doing great! Norwegian skills are improving for all 4 of us. Kaelyn and Alex are fluent, Mummy not far behind, Daddy almost fluent too…

Summer has been mostly work for Daddy, not much holiday for kids and Mummy other than enjoying the nice summer weather in and around Lillehammer. Even been some swimming in Norways biggest lake this summer! Coooooold, so Daddy didn’t stay in long!

Today we have been helping Alex’ kindergarten move into their new facilities and on Monday it is the first day for the kids in their new and big kindergarten. In the afternoon, Mummy got some alone time at home while K&A took Daddy out to soft play and to Lilleputthammer for a few rides and some fun…

(Finally) snow…

Since the snow keeps us waiting at the moment, we headed up into the mountains in search of it… And we found it!

After a (typical) slow, Danielsen Sunday morning, we dressed up in all the gear we have (just about), packed hot drinks and soup on the thermos flasks, jumped in the car and headed for higher altitude in search of snow.

Just at the top of Hafjell we found it at Gaiastova. Enough snow to impress the kids. Enough snow to have a good play. And since it was -8C and a tiny bit of wind it got a little bit cold (for the grown ups at least)… Cold enough to remember that even if I grew up above the Arctic circle, it doesn’t automatically mean I enjoy the cold!

Luckily Gaiastova was right there offering a very nice option. After a coffee and some hot chocolates and a nice relax in front of the huge fire, we were ready to play some more in the snow… Nice lodge, we will definitely be back here again!

The weather forecast is now promising us snow by the end of this coming week. Hopefully they are right, because after today, the kids are totally ready for daily play in the white stuff…

Winter fun…


Weather is a bit unreliable here in Norway as well… There has been a little bit snow, but mostly there has been a little bit snow, a little bit cold, a little bit warm and a little bit rain… That does not give much snow! Hopefully soon though!

After a relaxing morning, we did venture out in the snow for a walk and a bit of fun in the (little) snow (we have)!

Luckily we don’t need much snow for K+A to have some serious fun. We also brought with us hot dogs and yummies, so the tummies were looked after as well…

After a bit of fun, we then headed home. With a roaring fire, we then had hot chocolate with marshmallows and waffles… Yum! Hopefully the cold weather means we burn a lot of energy and burn up these treats extra fast!

Cold, but smiling…

Autumn outing to Sjusjøen.

We did an outing to Sjusjøen yesterday. An area where you can go swimming in the summer or skiing in the winter. This time of the year it is also a nice area for a family outing on a Sunday. Must admit that we got a little bit surprised how cold it was, so the outing was cut short, and we headed home early, lit the fire and made hot chocolate with marshmallows and watched a movie…

We are well settled into our new place here in Øyer. Lillehammer is just 15 minutters drive away. Kaelyn can walk to school and Alex is enjoying his days in the kindergarten. Ballet for Kaelyn is sorted, as is gymnastics for Alex!

The other day we woke up to temperatures below zero… Daddy had to scrape off the frost from the car using a bank card since we did not have a proper scrape… We are desperately trying to stock up on all necessities ahead of winter! Tons of stuff (it feels like)!

Well, if it gets too cold, I guess we can retreat to our loung for some more hot chocolate and movies in front of a roaring fire… Just need to get some more hot chocolate and fire wood first…

Summer days at Lillehammer!

A day out….

There is such a thing you know! Summer, in Norway! It might not be here every day in through the months of June, July and August… but it does come out once in a while! Then we just have to make the most of it!

Lillehammer offers so much for us to do and explore as a family. We have done a lot, but still much to do! Kids love daddy’s work! Well, maybe not ‘the work’, more the fact that they have access to Hunderfossen and all the rides and the fun stuff available for kids (at all ages)! They are also starting to get into the Troll’s and the many stories about them…

Still not all living up here, but soon the movers will arrive and then the whole family will be here. All in time for kindergarten and school start!

The 3 top pictures are all from Barnas Gård at Hunderfossen. The Peacock was showing off, Alex as well (hands full of ice cream) and the poor rabbits will not have any fur left by the end of summer judging the intensity of loves and petting by Kaelyn and the other kids holding and loving the little fluffy animals. The last picture is taken at the top of Hafjell with “the running man” (created for the Olympics in 94) in the background.

Sunday outing in Oslo


Hiya all! We spent the afternoon with an outing to Vigelandsparken in Oslo. It was an opportunity for mummy to try to drive her new car in Oslo for the first time (we picked up the car yesterday).

Navigating to Vigelandsparken was relatively easy, only a couple of wrong turns thanks to the navigator having some technical problems with the equipment (iPhone)…

Weather stayed dry most of the outing, although we did have a couple of showers coming down. Once when we were at the cafe having an ice cream. The other shower we managed to avoid by running very quickly and zig zaging our way through the rain…

Anyway, here is a photo of Mummy, Kaelyn and Alex up close with one of the may statues in the park!

Crash bang….

Alex and Daddy was trying to impress the girls in showing off our driving skills. Unfortunately it didn’t go too well… Alex did great job driving the toboggan, but the passenger showed once and for all that he could not multitask and did not concentrate enough on the piste and the result was….. Crash bang!