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“Happy Gappy”

A very proud little girl showing off her 3rd gap (in total), the first on the top row! She had been wriggling, pushing and pulling on it for a day or so and she was very pleased with herself when it finally gave in!

Tooth fairy duly visited and at 4am I was woken up and given an update by our 6 year old. As soon as she was confident that I had understood the fact that she was one coin richer due to the late night visit she climbed up and started snoring in the big bed…

Top of the world….

photo by J+B=Us.

Two little monkies, very proud that they managed to get to the top of the Pyramid in Asker all by themselves…

Our holiday to Australia is now just a memory… Norwegian winter weather is now the norm, never mind days at the beach, BBQ’s and the like…. At least we have the photos to look at when we are getting too cold here! (Have a look at the photos here!)

We are now trying to focus on getting all the D’s bi-lingual…. Mummy at evening classes, Kaelyn through nursery and Alex with the help of the rest of us!… ønsk oss lykke til!

On Saturday Kaelyn’s nursery had an open day in the town center and the oldest kids from the nursery were performing their new song. Kaelyn and Daddy had been practicing the song and Kaelyn did really well and sang along in Norwegian. Daddy is fearing that the tune will stick with him a long time….

Alex is developing a ‘need for speed’ and is now seen tobogganing down all the hills in the area around our house… Woossshhhhh…… Good fun!

Julen, julen, julen den er her….

Xmas is here, if there was any doubt! Last Saturday the Xmas lights were turned on in Asker. I had (of course) totally not connected the fact that it was the first weekend of advent and that Xmas lights needs a ceremony to be switched on…. Luckily we just arrived back from Oslo and got a little bit of a taste of the festivities!

From Kaelyn

My name is Kaelyn. I have a mummy and a daddy and a little brother. I am five  years old and I have a cat, but he died.

A little story Kaelyn wrote down into her little note book. There is lots of writing and drawing going on these days. She can ask over and over again how to spell this and  how to spell that. Then there is Daddy’s iPad, another writing tool that she loves using. She also writes little stories about princesses and other things.

Now she is really looking forward to starting in Kindergarden next Monday!

Alex is, well, Alex… A real monkey!

Greetings from Norway!

Well…. It has been just about been 4 weeks since I went over to Norway and started in the new job. Strange to be back in Norway, but a good strange! Just don’t get me started about the prices! Family ticket for us to get into the local pool? 400 Norwegian krone, or just about 35 UK pounds…. Nice pool though! Guess we will have to get a annual pass for that one. Just walking distance from the house too!

First snow fall has been (and gone). Had hoped to have an all white countryside to present to Kaelyn and Alex when they arrive tomorrow. But not to worry too much, I am sure we will get to have plenty of snow in the near future! Plenty and plenty!

So, the little ones and the Mrs is all arriving tomorrow. All our belongings are arriving 3 days later. Meeting them all at the airport in the afternoon tomorrow. To say that I am looking forward to see them all again is an understatement.

Picture is of the Opera House in Oslo. A new build that has been built in the years I have been away. Quite a few changes done in Oslo since 1997. Will have to do some serious exploring once we are all acclimatised to the Norwegian conditions…

Going, going…..

Going, going…..

15 years after leaving Norway and 12 years after arriving in the UK it is time to return to Norway…. I am flying over tomorrow and the rest of the Danielsen’s are arriving in 3 weeks time! Should be some fun stories to follow about my re-entry and Jane, Kaelyn and Alex’ introduction into “The Norwegian Way” and culture……

No stabilizers!

5 years, 6 months and 26 days…. and no stabilizers! Brought a big smile to her (and our) face. The little brother was well impressed too…. Definitely a milestone for Kaelyn!