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Village Fete

A busy couple of days in the Danielsen house hold!

Once back from Andre and Hannah’s big day we headed straight out to the Village Fete.

It was a truly special day yesterday. The Bride and Groom looked fantastic and the day was perfect from start to finish (even with a little bit rain as we arrived at Hannah’s family home for the reception). Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Brown!

The Village Fete gave K&A the excuse to continue to indulge themselves with a sugar filled diet. Kaelyn was especially impressed by the Candy Floss! Busy day at the Fete, lots to do, lots to see, lots to try.

Picture of balloon lottery. Hopefully our balloon will go the furthest so we can win the prize!

Hello world!

Lets start all over again… First of all, sorry about the site being down for the last 3 or 4 months! It is quite hectic around here and in between the little one, work and everything else, well…. There hasn’t been enough time, but I am sure you know how that feels!

Moving date is getting closer and closer! Haven’t started packing yet, but we have at least secured all the boxes and stuff we need to get started. Soon we will just have to start packing. We don’t have a firm leaving date yet from work, but sometime over the next couple of weeks I should be out of there.

Over the next few days we should be able to do some adjustments to the site, make it more “ours”. But for now, great to be back up and running!