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“Happy Gappy”

A very proud little girl showing off her 3rd gap (in total), the first on the top row! She had been wriggling, pushing and pulling on it for a day or so and she was very pleased with herself when it finally gave in!

Tooth fairy duly visited and at 4am I was woken up and given an update by our 6 year old. As soon as she was confident that I had understood the fact that she was one coin richer due to the late night visit she climbed up and started snoring in the big bed…

Big bench, little girl…

photo by J+B=Us.

Mummy and Alex is spending the week in England helping Grandad move house. That means Daddy has been a single dad and Kaelyn have been ruling the house! Biggest challenge (1/2 way through the week) is admittedly the hair… No fancy plaits this week! Daddy does not know anything but a very traditional Pony tail…

Another change in the routine has been that we are biking to the kindergarden in the morning… Well, Kaelyn have been biking up to now. The change is that we are using Mummy’s bike and Kaelyn gets a ride while Daddy is pedaling the best he can to get up the hill from home… I had no idea of how badly out of shape I have become until I did this the first day… Good training program anyone?

1/2 week completed, easy peasy so far!…

Spring is here…

photo by J+B=Us.

Although it does not feel like it all the time, spring has arrived in Norway. Snow has melted away, flowers are coming up and in some cases blooming, 3 layers of clothing is not needed and sun glasses can be spotted at every outing. Now, don’t think that makes it warm. Today it is just a few degrees above freezing and a bit cold for us “new comers’, although the natives seems to be enjoying it still?

This is a photo from last weekend where we did an outing down to our local beach. There are (apparently) 4 blue flag beaches in Norway and we have two of them just down from here.

Kaelyn and Alex got very excited when we said we were going to the beach. Took some work to explain that the beach does not automatically mean swim wear… Particularly this time of year in Norway!

Even though we did not go swimming, we had a lovely outing to the beach with a picnic and collecting of shells…

And no, you will not get me to jump from the 10 meter high diving platform! And that is a promise!

The world is his oyster…

photo by J+B=Us.

When you are 3 1/2 and you get a surprise pressie that turns out to be your first Big Boys Bike… The world must just feel like the best place and you are probably pretty sure that Freedom has arrived!

Alex got his bike on Saturday, and was looking very happy and quite smug after he got the pedals going. Obviously, the Big Sister was there to show how it was supposed to be done and showing off on her bike (without stabilizers…)!

This time of year is also a fantastic time for all kids. Mud all around and puddle galore! Both Alex and Kaelyn goes through a endless number of clothes every day, resulting in mountains of washing to work our way through…

Back to the bike though, how about a video of the very pleased boy, showing off his skills… A little boy that thinks the world is a great place to be and is very happy with his first set of wheels… Ah, come on. You know you want it….

Since you asked so nicely, here is Alex rolling away on his bike for the first time!


iPad kids

photo by J+B=Us.

If I am to list the ‘most asked questions’ in our house, up towards the top you would find “Where is the iPad”… Gaming and drawing on the iPad or the iPhone is a normal activity for a 3 year old and a 6 year old.

We did consider buying an LeapPad to Kaelyn a couple of Xmas’ ago, but decided against it because of the cost of the games/software. With the iPad there is an abundance of games and educational software ranging from free to a few pennies.

On both our iPads there are now a folder for the kids with things they enjoy doing. This includes Temple Run 1 and 2 (one upgraded with the lady runner), Crazy Birds are so last year apparently…

When we went to Australia over Xmas, the iPad was loaded with new games and activities including a small selection of movies. Something that was handy when we were waiting for our connecting flight in London. Thank you iPad and thank you Winni the Pooh. It gave the parents a much needed sit down and relax!

Guess when the next Xmas comes around we will have to see if any of our little ones are getting ready for their first iPod Touch. And maybe Daddy and Mummy can get their respective iPad’s back… (I really need to get back the high score on Temple Run!)…

Making ‘rosinboller’

photo by J+B=Us.

After a lazy afternoon, the day gained some speed (literally) when we went to do some tobogganing with Lukas (Ruben, Thore and Randi joined in the fun too….).

Today’s new trick was the one going down the steep hill without the toboggan, just sliding down (see the previous post where you can see a little film clip of our two “dare devils” at full speed)… Good fun, but little feet got very tired from climbing up again after sliding down! A cup of hot chocolate always does the trick to get the energy back!

Then, to finish off the afternoon, it was time to do some baking. Rosinboller (raisin buns) with and without raisins was rolled out (some more than others) and we should be self sufficient with rosinboller for a couple of days (they are Yum-Yum and Daddy likes them , so probably not more than two days….).

+4 today here in our part of Norway. Felt like a proper little Norwegian heat wave! Hats and scarfs almost not needed!

Crash bang….

Alex and Daddy was trying to impress the girls in showing off our driving skills. Unfortunately it didn’t go too well… Alex did great job driving the toboggan, but the passenger showed once and for all that he could not multitask and did not concentrate enough on the piste and the result was….. Crash bang!


Top of the world….

photo by J+B=Us.

Two little monkies, very proud that they managed to get to the top of the Pyramid in Asker all by themselves…

Our holiday to Australia is now just a memory… Norwegian winter weather is now the norm, never mind days at the beach, BBQ’s and the like…. At least we have the photos to look at when we are getting too cold here! (Have a look at the photos here!)

We are now trying to focus on getting all the D’s bi-lingual…. Mummy at evening classes, Kaelyn through nursery and Alex with the help of the rest of us!… √łnsk oss lykke til!

On Saturday Kaelyn’s nursery had an open day in the town center and the oldest kids from the nursery were performing their new song. Kaelyn and Daddy had been practicing the song and Kaelyn did really well and sang along in Norwegian. Daddy is fearing that the tune will stick with him a long time….

Alex is developing a ‘need for speed’ and is now seen tobogganing down all the hills in the area around our house… Woossshhhhh…… Good fun!